Dear friends, and now, players!

First of all, Thank you for join the party!
I'm going to excuse myself immediately for DM English. Believe me, I'm more afraid than you, lol!

I built this site for two reasons:

1. To track the progress of our campaign.

2. To share with you the setting we are going to use: The Known World of Olannia, which describe: races, realms, cosmology.

In regard to the second point:

Please don’t feel overwhelmed with the content! I've played this world as DM and player in Chile for more than 15 years, but in this English version I want to keep it simple.

In this case my intention is not to vomit all world to you. I just resume (sorry my English) the main races (which has some differences from the classic D&D stereotypes) and realms to bring you a brief description about what kind of realms (societies) coexist in the present days of the world. Additionally, the cosmology section are just two schematics which describes the world pantheon (much more simple than the D&D one BTW).

NOTE: This information is going to be permanent. So consult it every time you need during the campaign.


Once you read the Campaign Synopsis (please read it before making a character), You must:

  1. Decide who want you to be in this story  (The most important step).
  2. Choose Background (including kingdom) , Race and Class (Use the Players Handbook in this case).