Brief Description of the Olannian Realms

The Empire
of the Sun


An historic kingdom, located in the east side of the Anarkhan Desert. Ishkanians are the heirs of the Arcanum, the elder science of the Thunder Dragon's empire. The kingdom was founded over the ruins of the legendary city of Akkar, by the hands of the Aasimar King, leader of the liberation forces during the war against the dragon lords.

Ish-kan's cultural legacy transcends its boundaries. The kingdom has been the cradle of development of the art, sciences, religion, commerce. The Iskanian culture is considered by many, as the mother of the modern kingdoms of Amoss.

Curretly, Ish-kan domains the commerce in the Blazing Coast and leads the expeditions beyond the Sea of Spades, to the new world (continent of Zera).

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Foundation: Portal Age.
Government: Monarchy
Population: 200.000 hab. (60%humans, 20%Dwarfs, 10%Halflings,10%Other).
Capital: Ivekh.
Alliances: Silverfire Alliance, Blazing Coast Commerce Alliance, Castobelo.
Rivalities: Serpentos, Ramneshk, Veross.

The Kindom
Beyond the Clouds


Old and respected northern realm, located in the heart of the Cloudless Mountains.

Ebereth is composed by a number of fortress-cities between millennial forests and ice fields, each one ruled by a member of the Daredeon family, an ancient and hermetic house of Fristborn's descendants, which travelled from the Great Plateau (currently the area known as "The Exile") to the high mountains, after the falling of the Sultarian Empire.

Despite their isolated position, the realm actively commerce with the rest of the nations of Amoss and Kerak.

The Everethian culture turns around the honour and the respect of the natural forces. Their religion is centred in the cult of The Nine, old natural spirits of forest, winter, animals and mountains.

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Foundation: Golden Age.
Government: Oligarchy.
Population: 95.000 hab. (79%humans, 15%Dwarfs, 5% Halflings, 1%Other).
Capital: Daredeonhold.
Alliances: Silverfire Alliance.
Rivalities: None.

The Crusader


A crusader’s nation, self-claimed “the true descendents of Yawyn”, the old city of the Shield Dragons during the Golden Age.  The republic, founded over the ruins of Yawyn, seeks the constant expansion of the realm, to “purify” the earth from the darkness unleashed during the Portal Wars, years ago.

The verossians are active detractors of the arcane sciences, believing that those practices are a violation of the god mysteries, responsible of provoking their wrath in the past. Instead, they defend and promote the faith of Serveus, god of Justice, leading their crusade among Amoss and the rest of the world which pray the wrong gods.

Veross has aggressively expanded their territory in the last 50 years, defeating the wild clans of the northern plains, becoming a large and powerful empire.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Republic.
Population: 150.000 hab. (90%humans, 9%Dwarfs,1%Other).
Capital: Palander.
Alliances: None.
Rivalities: Ish-Khan, Kulth, Ramneshk, Zav-Azur, Farla, Arannia.

The Free Kingdoms


A confederation of rich families from Ish-khan and the middle lands. Allies and rivals at the same time, the “brother kingdoms” are a nation of calculator, pragmatic and materialist nobles which doesn’t believe in gods or moral codes, being devotes of the power of gold and politics, as the real forces which controls the human destiny. The Free Kingdoms lead the expansion of the known world to the savage continent of Zera, placing their colonies in the Castobello Islands, 200 years ago.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Confederation.
Population: 100.000 hab. (90%humans, 9%Dwarfs,1%Other).
Capital: None.
Alliances: Blazing Coast Commerce Alliance, Castobelo.
Rivalities: Veross.

The Bank of
Blackiron Coast



Young and prosper, located in the central area of the Blackiron Coast, lies the kingdom of Delvos. A former part of the realm of Kamyr, Delovs comprehend more than the half of the lands of the fallen kingdom, becoming extraordinary rich after the dissolution of it. The kingdom is divided in ducats, ruled by powerful noble houses, which control the naval commerce in the Sea of Miracles acting as a bank for the rest of the nations in the region.

The realm is member of the The Three Sword Alliance with its brother kingdoms: Ramdyr and Talos.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Feudalism.
Population: 110.000 hab. (79%Humans, 20%Dwarfs,1%Other).
Capital: Adatla.
Alliances: The Three Sword Alliance.
Rivalities: Ramneshk, Zav-Azur, Kulth, Veross.

The Fortress


Known as "The Tower Realm" and famous for its inexpungable fortresses and strict military tradition, Talos is considered a proud protector of the Blackiron Coast and its inhabitants from the southern tribal menace and the pirate nations.

The realm is composed by a number of manors, ruled by honourable warcraft houses, former generals of the fallen Realm of Kamyr, which conform the Council of Helmets.

The realm also manages the legendary prison of Yynn, receiving prisiones from all neighbour realms.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Militocracy
Population: 150.000 hab. (79%Humans, 20%Dwarfs,1%Other).
Capital: Ranthar.
Alliances: The Three Sword Alliance.
Rivalities: Ramneshk, Zav-Azur, Kulth, Veross.

The Western Culture Capitol


Ramdyr uses its strategic location in the Sea of Miracles as a central, and neutral, gathering zone among merchants from all surrounding realms. Kingdom rich in culture, aristocratic tradition and, above all, commerce and trade. Its rates and commerce policies makes Erimbul, its capital, one of the most important destinies for business.

The kingdom was once part of the Kamyr empire. After the dissolution, the former rulers remained in the main cities of the region, building numerous forts around them, while they develop their commercial activities.

Due its noble heritage and cosmopolitan style, Ramdyr is also known as the capitol of the western culture for the aristocracy, gathering important universities and cultural centres among in their cities.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Plutocracy.
Population: 100.000 hab. (70%Humans, 20%Dwarfs,10%Other).
Capital: Erimbul.
Alliances: The Three Sword Alliance.
Rivalities: Ramneshk.

The Great Archipelago:
The Free Islands


This zone gathers a number of allied free cities and towns, which trades all kind of sea related goods and naval technology. The cities are famous for their high-quality goods, its ships and sailors mercenaries. Similarly, the alchemy tradition is one of the attractions for adventurers, studiers and performers of the arcane arts.

In contrast to Ish-kan, Veross or other secular kingdoms, the Great Archipelago is a safe place for unformal spellcasters and cults, serving as an important refuge for renegades.

For many free men, The Great Archipelago is a living paradise, free of the lashing of lords, churches and aristocracy.

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Foundation: Golden Age.
Government: Confederation.
Population: 150.000 hab. (60%Humans, 20%Dwarfs,20%Other).
Capital: Free City of Narys.
Alliances: None.
Rivalities: Veross, Kulth.

The Endless Rage

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Founded over ancient forest-folk ruins, the “realm” of Ramneshk is a gangrenous scar located in the southern region of Amoss, at the east of the Endless Greenlands.

In a wasted valley of burned trees and mud, countless tribes of beasts from the dark planes were finally dominated by the Blood Clans, after centuries of war. Now, united by the power of the orc lords, their agents invade and steal from other realms and lands, spreading across Amoss as cancer.

Ramneshk is a threatening war horde, which has learned how to survive among other more civilized and larger kingdoms, making use of their barbaric strength to enlarge their power.

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Foundation: Iron Age.
Government: Autocracy.
Population: 70.000 hab. (80%Orcs, 20%Other).
Capital: Kashkarresh.
Alliances: None.
Rivalities: Amoss.

Rion Islands:
The Shi-Tar


 TheShi-Tar culture dates from the Elder days of the Sultarian Empire. Currently, they are the oldest realm in Olannia.

Is a small nation, neutral to all conflict of the younger realms and never invaded, therefore, their culture has remain basically intact over the ages.

The Shi-Tar nation has no army or big fortress. The realms is composed by a number of towns in the middle of the jungle and mountains of their islands. Although, their legendary temples, cities and religion, preserve an exquisite, and mysterious, cultural legacy and knowledge, related to the studies of martial arts and witchcraft lore.

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Foundation: Sultari Age.
Government: Gerontocracy.
Population: 32.000 hab. (80%Humans, 20%Other).
Capital: Shi-Tar.
Alliances:  None.
Rivalities: None.

The Kingdom
of the Plague

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 Known as the Plague Kingdom, the Zavarian empire is ruled by the Sultari, freed 20 years ago from their imprisonment in the Faltyr Mountains.

The Zavarians are a proud and hostile culture which perceive itself as the most powerful and true heir of the Firstborn Legacy, the knowledge and power of the first races of the world. Their matriarchs claim their divine blood to rule over the kingdoms, as their holy right.

Is a rich and powerful kingdom, feared by their spellcasters and eldritch knights, elite soldiers of their massive and restless army, which seeks reconquering the continent of Kerak, to refund their lost ancient empire.

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Foundation: Iron Age
Government: Matriarchy.
Population: 190.000 hab. (80%Humans, 20%Other).
Capital: Krann.
Alliances:  Kulth, Ramneshk.
Rivalities: Arannia, Fharla, Kerak Free Tribes.

The Cursed


Almost 2000 years ago, humans from the west, crossed the Sea of Miracles and populated the lost Sultarian ruins in the Plague Vale, ironically a very rich land blessed by the Faltyr Sierra. The human clans founded the realm of Farla over the Sultarian ruins, without knowing the story of their predecessors. 

After the Sultari's reborn, 20 years ago, Farla has being involved in a intense war with Zav-Azur. Supported by their allies in the Blackiron Coast and Ish-kan, they have resisted the powerful Zavarian army. Despite this, the kingdom is living very critical times, being far away from his glorified past , as one of the most richer and prosper kingdoms, famous for their engineering and alchemical technology.

Along with Zav-Azur, Arannia and the Great Archipelago, Farla concentrates the highest population of tieflings in the world, being active participants of several levels of their society.

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Foundation: Golden Age
Government: Democracy.
Population: 200.000 hab. (80%Humans, 20%Other).
Capital: Astalon.
Alliances: Delvos, Talos, Ish-kan, Arannia.
Rivalities: Zav-Azur

The Arcane

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The realm of the wizards was founded by a cult of Dragon worshippers, exiled from Ish-kan after its foundation.

The members of "The Circle", rule with iron fist upon their society in the isle of Kredos, studying the deep and dark secrets of the Arcanum as secular convent , while the realm's fortresses protect the frontiers of their territory. 

The realm is very rich in knowledge, tradition and science. It keep deep relationship the rest of the realms of the Blackiron coast, whom see them as dangerous but necessary erudite.

Despite they don’t have a large army, their sages are highly respected, acting as consultants for noble houses and aristocrats around the globe.

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Foundation: Iron Age
Government: Democracy.
Population: 30.000 hab. (95%Humans, 5%Other).
Capital: Mossrath.
Alliances: None.
Rivalities: Veross.

The Kingdom's Tree