Gods and Spirits

The world of Olannia has many different religions, but the most important revolves around a pantheon called the High Stars. Those gods are venerated and feared by the many inhabitants of the realms of the known world. But they may receive different names across the lands. 

Olannian's religions are very different from the traditional D&D pantheons. The monotheistic Church of Yawyn is devoted to fighting against evil in the world, but plagued by corruption in its own ranks. Various mad cults are devoted to the demons and horrors imprisoned in Olannia's Underdark. The followers of the Path of Dracus believe that the world is heading toward a glorious future when Dragons will reborn from the Thunder. And elves and other barbaric tribes revere their ancestral spirits commonly known as The Nine.

The High Stars

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Deity            Align.   Domain

Hellos           CG         Light, Life
Alantys         NG         Life, Knowlege
Serveus        LG          Light, War
Aksis             NE         Truckery, Death
Persiste        LE          Death, Knowledge
Tyrannus      CE          Death, War
Velerus         N           Knowledge
Kelvor           N           Knowledge

The Nine

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Deity            Align.   Domain

Inti               NG         Light, Knowlege
Ona              CN         Life, Knowlege
Roth             NE          Death
Neer             N           Tempest, Nature
Saerie           N           Tempest, Nature
Irinne            N           Tempest, Nature
Mordos         N           War
Uluna            N           Nature
Icos               N           Tempest, Nature