Erimbul: a threatened splendor


Nowadays, the realm is facing a complicated and tense political moments. The war in the continent of Kerak, between Zav-Azur and Farla, has polarized the politics in the Sea of Miracles, dividing the Blackiron Coast in detractors and allies of the Zavarian forces. In this sense, Delvos and Talos, are both active supporters of the Farlan armies against the Sultari (Zav-Azur).

For more than 10 years, Ramdyr has remain as a neutral actor, keeping its tactical position in the coast as "safe zone". Although, the war has become inescapable. The Duke has received constant pressures from Zav-Azur, which see the “traders realm” as a key ally in the conflict. On the other hand, many delegations from Delvos, Talos and Veross (archenemy of Zav-Azur) have tried to persuade the noble houses of Ramdyr, to block its gates to the Sultari, and even more, declare them the war. Despite all this pressure, the Duke of Erimbul has maintained his position of neutrality, but each time with more difficulty. 

This current month, the city celebrates the Days of the Coin, its most important festivity, which feast the foundation of the realm. Weeks of endless carnivals and fairs dresses the city streets. The city commoners and traders are enjoying the most active and lucrative period of the year, despite the war. 

The City

Erimbul, as you may know, is the capital of the wealthy realm of Ramdyr, and the place where our campaign its going to take place.

Ramdyr was the land of the Kamyrian nobility and aristocracy. Once the kingdom was shaken by its civil war, splitting in tree parts, most of the powerful and rich men of the kingdom remained in the northern side of the territory, building forts around the big urban centres. In this way, Erimbul, in that days already considered a great city along the coast, became the capitol of the traders, commonly called by its neighbours. 

Since its independency, Ramdyr became a rich and powerful nation. Specially valued for their characteristic neutrality in political, religious and scientific matters. The Ramdyrians are people of faith, science, but overall: politics. Therefore, they built a cosmopolitan and tolerant society which receives traders, scholars and diplomats from all the corners of the known world.

The kingdom is ruled by the Duke of Erimbul, represented by the Ilberd family, a beloved and respected house, direct descendants of the former Kamyr royal family. The Duke, reign with a council of noble men and women called The Coin Court, who assist the duke with the kingdom's administrative affairs.


  • You can be local commoners, nobles or any kind of foreign visitor. Although, you must define why you’re in Erimbul (how did you get there, why, etc).

  • You can pick any class, background and race from the Player's Handbook, but you must apply the modifications and racial background provided in the Race section in this site.

  • Don't try to make the perfect story. Although, privilege the characters conflicts. Maybe you are a fugitive, committed a crime, you are chased by an enemy or you’re blamed for something you didn’t know, etc, etc. Don't make characters without problems, bonds and neutral personality traits. It's boring, especially for you as players!

  • The Seven Districts


    Trade District

    The soul of the city, The Trade District, attracts merchants and adventures from every corner of the known world. Is the largest one and gathers several markets and fairs such as the Central Market, built over the ruins of the legendary amphitheatre of Nodos, focused on general goods. The Iron Market, a group of buildings, forges and tents specialized in metal crafts, armours and weapons. The Mermaid Market, focused on textiles, clothes, furniture and home of the most famous brothels of the coast, such as The Seven Nymphs. The Strait, a market area in between the holy mount (Temple District) and the golden mount (Wisdom District), which gathers several inns, taverns and black market. Finally, but not less important, The Jewel Market, gathers hundreds of precious stones artisans, traders and exchange houses.

    Port District

    The Port is one of the most famous one in the Sea of Miracles. While it’s not the largest one, it’s always full of ships and sailors which import and export all kind of goods. The port of Erimbul is built in the narrow rocky base of the cliff. From it, the Serpent Promenade ascends to the top, reaching the city gates. Through its beautifully decorated stairs, thousands of small vendors and merchants trade their goods with the locals and visitors, becoming a very crowded and attractive area of the city.

    Temple District

    Along the Blessed Mount, several temples, convents and other religious buildings. from the top, the massive Temple of Helloss, patron deity of the realm, rises from its marbled pillars to its golden cupules. Immediately below, in argent temple of the Radiant Sword, the priests of Serveus, administer the justice of the realm. Another important building is The Tower of Stars, home of the priests of Kelvor, devotes of the universal mysteries and signs. Erimbul is a cosmopolitan metropolis, where even the goddess of dead has its followers and priests. The clerics of Persiste serve the realm as curators of the funeral rites, characteristic in the coastal culture.

    Wisdom District

    Ramdyr is worldwide known for its high cultural development, political and diplomatic tradition and the prestige of its educational institutions. Located in the top of the Golden Mount, the prestigious University of Erimbul, perfect the technique and art or several areas of knowledge, such as astronomy, maths and physics, biology, arts and literature, law and, of course, the arcane sciences. The Wisdom Tower, is the powerful wizard's council headquarter, which administrate and study the arcane laws, curating the practice of magic across the realm.

    Government District

    Is the only district outside the city walls. Considered by some folks as the "second city", the Government district embraces the Ducal Palace (former King Palace during the Kamyrian years), the Red Gardens, buildings and houses for the higher administrative officers and other authorities of the realm. The district has its own port area, reserved for royal shipment and guests.

    Noble DIstrict

    The wealthiest and powerful families of the city are settled in this district, located along the southern area of the city. Primarily experienced merchants and landlords, the nobility of the city is numerous and active in Erimbul's life. Its beautiful houses and palaces, with their characteristic red roofs and paving stones brings identity to the city, dressing the district with an exquisite elegance and refinement.

    The Slums

    The second largest area of the city. The slums are more than houses of the commoners. The area is quite famous for its cultural mixture, carnivals, taverns and inns and black markets. While is a low-class area, its different from mostly every other city in the coast. The district is famous for its colourful houses of many different shapes, sizes and styles. Although, is full of dodgy and dangerous places, where only the locals dare to walk.

    City Map